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Wynendale Castle

Just a few kilometres from the center of Torhout you’ll encounter Wynendale Castle. The castle is highly praised, not only because of its historical roots, but mostly because of its intimate link with 1000 years of Torhout and European history. Visit this historic castle domain with its imposing moat.

You will encounter the visitor’s centre in the gatehouse of Wijnendale Castle, a starting point from which to visit the more spacious surroundings, the chapel, the basement ice house, and the woods.

We recommend this in utmost earnestness: You can also visit the recently opened vinery and castle pond.

From the visitor’s centre you can make your way along the castle lane up to the castle ramparts, the drawbridge and the large gate house. Up to the present date Wijnendale Castle was and is still inhabited. The left wing houses the castle museum.  A visit to this museum is like taking a trip with a time machine. Are you ready for a breathtaking, active and exciting trip through time?

Each room in the museum illustrates a particular period out of Castle Wijnendale’s history; key historical figures and events are portrayed. The tour is kicked off by the current lord, Lord Matthieu de Wynendaele, whose family has occupied the castle for the last five generations. After several leaps through history, from Leopold III of the feudal Neuburgs, Mary of Burgundy and Guy of Namur, the tour concludes at the entrance of the castle which is inextricably linked with the figure of Robert the Frisian (Robrecht de Fries).

But the museum does more than fiddle with historical dates and figures. What was daily life for the inhabitants with their big parties and sumptuous banquets? What was it like to work in the castle? The museum devotes attention to how people lived, worked and made fun in the castle.

Who were the mighty powers of the earth who, throughout 1000 years, gathered at the castle to decide on weighty political matters? How did the siege, conquest and final destruction of the castle come about? Documents, pictures and interviews help you form your own impression.

Wijnendale Castle was, throughout the centuries, primarily a hunting lodge, which is a central and recurring theme of the museum, and a tradition maintained by the current lord. 

As a visitor you will get to use a visitor’s guide. Of course, nothing surpasses the expert presentation and personal touch of a qualified castle guide. By arranging an appointment 14 days in advance you can be guaranteed the availability of the guide.  The individual visitor can join the guided tours given each first Sunday of the month at 15:00. .....


More about Castle Wijnendale’s 1000-year history



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