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Wijnendale Castle


Flanders can be proud of its estates, antiquities, heirlooms, and cultural heritage. A guided tour of Wijnendale Castle is a real must! Qualified guides take you through the castle domain and museum, along the way disclosing a wealth of information and saucy details about the castle dwellers and their habits. You will be surprised to learn how Wijnendale Castle’s history is linked with European, Belgian, Flemish and local history, as a procession of historical figures from the present to the early Middle Ages is paraded before your eyes. The castle’s 1000-year architectural history will also be clearly described. 

The trip from present to past is no dry recital of facts and figures, but a journey by time machine through this modern multimedia museum, revealing in an engaging manner the secrets of Wijnendale Castle.

>> Guide upon request: for 15 or more people, group fee € 3 per person + € 40 per tour, lasts about 1.5 hours, maximum 25 people per tour; minium 14 dagen vooraf reserveren bij Toerisme Torhout, 050 22 07 70, toerisme@torhout.be .

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