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The city of Torhout is situated in the Bruges woodland and wetland. In the heart of West-Flanders, at 15 km from Roeselare, 20 km from Bruges and 25 from Ostend at the Belgian Coast. The Bruges woodland and wetland was until the beginning of the previous century very inhospitable. It held dark woods crisscrossed by bogs through which gangs of thugs roamed, while feudal lords kept small farmers under their thumb.Torhout, the oldest town in the county of Flanders, located at the crossroads of ancient Roman military roads, was a real relief for travelling merchants. A safe, bustling and hospitable town. Today, the Bruges woodland and wetland has lost that ugly ambiance. But Torhout lost none of its hospitability.

When you speak of Torhout, you also speak of Wijnendale. A visit to Wijnendale castle, the pearl of Flander’s royal heritage, is a must. Also the Torhout Pottery Museum and the Mustard Museum are worth the visit.
Moreover, our town is ideally placed for reconnoitering the Brugse Ommeland by foot, bicycle, train, or car. You can walk through the Groenhove woods, cycle along safe, green bike paths all the way to Bruges and further still to the coast or to the World War I front lines. All of this makes for a range of experiences within a small area. 

We wish you welcome in Torhout !

The team of Tourism Torhout, the tourist office of the city of Torhout

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Tourism Torhout
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E-mail: vrijetijdshuis@torhout.be 

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